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Rebels is a teenage hangout located in Council Bluffs, Iowa on the corner of 16th and 6th street, right by the railroad tracks. It is in one of the poorest areas of town, in probably the most run-down buildings in town.

Rebels is one of those hole-in-the-wall, hard-to-find, yet has totally cool bands, kind of places. Rebels plays host to many local and national bands such as, Names Without Numbers, Better in Eleven, Hangnail, Beanbag, Thousand Foot Crutch and many more. Most of these bands are punk or alternative rock. Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6-11PM local bands play and even when they're not playing it's just a cool place to hang out and do whatever. The bar serves non-alcoholic drinks, hot dogs and many other gut-busting entrees.

Rebels motto is, "Rock Hard, Play Nice". They want you to have fun without getting hassled. The owner, Tanya Schiller, started the place believing that the youth of Council Bluffs needed a place to rock without being put in a hostile environment. To some this seems a lame idea, yet if you were to go to Rebels you'd see the same kind of atmosphere that is in bars and other music venues, minus the alcohol, smoking and PDA.

Anybody who goes to a punk rawk show knows that there is nothing else like it, except for Goth concerts. The lights and energy blend perfectly as one. Moshing, jumping, and screaming. Its wreckless fun at a loud pace.

Rebels serves all this up and more. If you're in the area go ahead and hang out. You can find out more at www.rebelsrocks.com.

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