An effect observed in cognitive psychology wherein the items at the end of a list are more easily recalled than the items in the middle. This effect is related to, but not as strong as, the primacy effect.

Could also be the effect in Everything where a user will sift through the New Nodes and tack on a write-up. Whether or not the added node has worth, it is parasitic and takes away part of the authority of the original node. The noder who does this either has little personal originality, or needs some sort of associative jolt to get his creativity going. This type may also surf the Random nodes or seek out nodeshells to rescue.

On the upside, for those concerned with such things, if timed correctly the new writeup can keep the node in the New Node window (and list for that matter), which would give it longer exposure to the masses.

Yes, this node was created in such a fashion. Would you expect anything less?

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