Rec"re*ant (-ant), a. [OF., cowardly, fr. recroire, recreire, to forsake, leave, tire, discourage, regard as conquered, LL. recredere se to declare one's self conquered in combat; hence, those are called recrediti or recreanti who are considered infamous; L. pref. re- again, back + credere to believe, to be of opinion; hence, originally, to disavow one's opinion. See Creed.]


Crying for mercy, as a combatant in the trial by battle; yielding; cowardly; mean-spirited; craven.

"This recreant knight."



Apostate; false; unfaithful.

Who, for so many benefits received, Turned recreant to God, ingrate and false. Milton.


© Webster 1913.

Rec"re*ant, n.

One who yields in combat, and begs for mercy; a mean-spirited, cowardly wretch.


You are all recreants and dastards! Shak.


© Webster 1913.

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