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I own this land and all it is
I drink its golden sun
Ancient wombs and sunlit tombs
I know you were the one

Fineries like none I’ve seen
And still I search for doors
A portal with a gleam of gold
For all my world is yours

My moon of silent silver glow
Replaces my cold sun
I take it in and never choke:
I know you were the one.

I write in scarlet, paint in blue
I harvest stones in scores
I throw them all to catch a breeze
For all this world is yours.

Bathing in my fire,
Kneeling at my throne
All your rubies, all your diamonds
But a love that’s mine alone.

(I wrote this when I was 14)

Rich"es (?), n. pl. [OE. richesse, F. richesse, from riche rich, of German origin. See Rich,a.]


That which makes one rich; an abundance of land, goods, money, or other property; wealth; opulence; affluence.

Riches do not consist in having more gold and silver, but in having more in proportion, than our neighbors.


That which appears rich, sumptuous, precious, or the like.

The riche of heaven's pavement, trodden gold.

Richesse, the older form of this word, was in the singular number. The form riches, however, is plural in appearance, and has now come to be used as a plural.

Against the richesses of this world shall they have misease of poverty.

In one hour so great riches is come to nought.
Rev. xviii. 17.

And for that riches where is my deserving?

Syn. -- Wealth; opulence; affluence; wealthiness; richness; plenty; abundance.


© Webster 1913

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