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Rocket surgery is the most difficult and intellect-demanding pursuit known to the human race. Often folks will be inclined to compare mental tasks by difficulty to two related areas, brain surgery and rocket science. But if brain surgery is about equivalent in intellectual rigor to rocket science, imagine how much more difficult rocket surgery must be to either of them? For it is not simply the body of the rocket for which surgery is required. No, that would just take a mechanic doing a "repair." It is only when rockets are guided by biomechanical devices, man made brains, that the skills of a surgeon would be requisite in facilitating the ability of the rocket to return to its home.

And let us add to this the consideration of where rocket surgeons work. For, naturally, the demand for rocket surgery will be to have it performed in space, in outer space to be specific, for where else is it that the rocket's thinking problem will become most apparent, and the need for surgery most dire? Think, then, of the bold, brilliant rocket surgeon, bracing the icy death threatened by space to ply the most delicate and perspicacious of professions known to man!! The strength of will, the sheer concentration, the library of knowledge, neurological and computational!!

So next time someone brags to you over some minor mental achievement, crows about some crumb of clever calculation, you just tell 'em: it ain't rocket surgery.

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