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I know what I did last Summer...

July is such a long long time ago..

  • As an unintended result of my activities in June Guest User was getting the Nodelet Collapser. I deemed this to be inappropriate, and put a stop to it. How shortsighted of me.
  • Various actions were made doable by AJAX, including collapsing and expanding nodelet sections (the ones with headings with [ + ] and [ - ] in front).

Norway is a beautiful country. Go there, but take money.

August is the cruellest month...

...so I didn't get around to coding until near the end of it.

  • Guest User has few AJAX functions, but they should work even when the page is loaded under a domain we disapprove of. Now they do, since the actual domain is included in the AJAX url.
  • Since we have a default javascript and Everything2 Ajax in separate nodes, it makes sense to have ajax-dependent functions in the latter, not the former.
  • e2nodes were being displayed by zen e2node displayfull page with displaytype displayfull. To make this happen, a user setting was needed. If the user setting got lost, a display page from an obsolete theme was used to display the page, which looked pretty bad. Now they are displayed with displaytype display by zen e2node display page, as one might expect in a sensibly-run fitness studio.
  • Sending a message from a homenode no longer requires a complete pageload.
  • Excalibur's original E2 Nodelet Collapser code used cookies to store the state of nodelets' collapsitude. The Zen Nodelet Collapser used AJAX. Ajax can be turned off (you must have a really good reason to do something like that). So I forced the two into an unholy act of vile miscegenation, and now cookies are used if there is no e2.ajax.

At some point, I'm not sure when, there was an online chat about what we do next, and I foolishly said I'd have a look at User Settings.

  • The default Zen stylesheet's name is now stored in the Zen Theme.
  • If a user has no theme or stylesheet set, they will get the default theme, with its default stylesheet.

Already, new users needed far fewer settings. But that was only the beginning...

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