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The world, it tumbled down on twenty-five
But safe in moment, she had to enjoy
The song which told of miracles in life
A miracle in life same time came through
The smile of comfort, memory began.
It was in innocence she played her part
But it was not an act, it was a dream
The Dream remembered well, as increase did.
Can you still feel the February joy?
Can she still wear the flower dress and smile?
Can you still hear the music of the dance?
Can she still smell the faded rose and see
The stars up in the sky and know they are
Same stars she saw one February night?
It was in innocence she led her life
Nothing could be close to quite like this
The curtain has come down, the time has passed
They all have left the town, not to return
To say goodbye, she loved you best of all.

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