This is a Tuit.
Guard it with your life as
Tuits are hard to come by, esp-
ecially the round ones. This is an indis-
pensable item. It will help you become a
more efficient worker. For years we have
heard people say, "I'll do it as soon as I
get a Round Tuit." Now that you have
one, you can accomplish all those
things you put aside until you
get a Round Tuit!

This is a classic english colloquialism, which may not be obvious to those who do not have english as a first language. It uses a twist on the words:

I'll do that when I get around to it

It is possible to purchase Round Tuit's in various forms. They general tend to be round, as a 'Square Tuit' really does not have the same sound to it. Imagine a coaster, and you are on the way there. They will often have 'Tuit' emblazoned upon them, which is vital to discern them from the coaster you are currently imagining. Sometimes, you will find a more verbose description on them, such as the passage above.

So what use are they? Well, they are a useful tool for dealing with those people who are prone to procrastinate about the most mundane tasks. When they say they'll do something when they get around to it, you can provide them their Tuit, and no longer will they have an excuse.

They also make good coasters.

A classic element of office humor in English-speaking nations, a "round tuit" is both an object and a pun at once. It is common in these countries to apathetically state that one will do something when one gets "around to it". Hence, the "round tuit". If you were putting something off until you get around to it, someone may just give you one and remove your excuse.

Assorted pieces of humor on the subject abound. It is relatively trivial to find a place which sells "round tuits" which are commonly pin-on buttons, wooden tokens, or round pieces of paper with some presumably humorous statement on them about your new posession of a round tuit enabling you to perform all of those tasks you have been putting off until you get one. It has become something of a staple of low-grade internet humor, but the meme populated itself rather efficiently from office to office ("when I get around to it" is a phrase commonly heard in the working world) before the widespread adoption of the 'net via fax machine.

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