Rude Boys, most commonly associated with the Two-Tone craze, are still a common sight at shows. The Rude Boy movement has a long history. The street-tough young men of Kingston, Jamaica used to dress in the newest and heppest clothes at the Kingston dance hall. They were know as "Rude Boys", rude meaning "cool". The authorities saw the Rude Boys as thugs, but they viewed themselves as heroes, like the cowboys of movie westerns of the day.

To most, it was a way of rebelling against the poor and opressive social conditions in which they grew up. Towards the end of the 1970's, the Second Wave British SKA! bands, such as Madness and the Specials, re-invented the Rude Boy. He was now the fun-loving young man who dressed in the oh-so-stylish 2 tone suit and pork-pie hat. This movement also died down, until it was resurected with the Third Wave of SKA! in the late Eighties.

Today a Rude Boy is someone who is totally into the SKA! scene. He or She has a good sense of the roots of SKA! as well as a great sense of fashion!

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