Non-microwaveable Saran Wrap also has several applications in the sex arena.

Oral Sex!
Saran Wrap is an excellent substitute for a latex dental dam for barrier-protected cunnilingus or anilingus. Saran Wrap brand plastic wrap has been tested by the FDA and approved as a barrier to virus transmission (so don't skimp out with the store brand if your objective is safety!). Saran Wrap is a non-latex synthetic polymer material (see Kallen's excellent w/u above), so it is safe for those with a latex allergy. It is much cheaper, less embarassing in the supermarket line, and also much thinner than latex dental dams that you might purchase. The thickness issue increases your risk of a tear slightly, but is also purported to increase sensitivity. Saran Wrap doesn't stretch nearly as much as latex, but you can counteract this by ripping off a much bigger sheet than you think you'll need.

When discussing mummification style bondage/sensory deprivation, nothing comes to mind as quickly as Saran Wrap. Saran Wrap is clingier but not as strong as pallet wrap(the stuff they use in warehouses to...wrap pallets for shipment). Other materials used include Ace bandages, duct tape and many other long flat strips of such materials as become available. Cling film in some incarnation however, after the second layer becomes increasingly difficult to break free of.

That said, PLEASE do NOT try this without the attendance of someone who has been involved in mummification scenes before, and make sure you know your partner VERY well. All types of bondage are dangerous, especially immobilisation strategies and especially bondage that induces sensory dep. As in all BDSM related activities, mummification can evoke strong and more often than not, unexpected emotional responses in both parties. Best to take it slow, do your research and building a strong foundation relationship (romantic, friendship, play partner or otherwise).

Or, failing that, remember SSC and RACK.

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