Schmooba is a mixture of dried basil, dried oregano and dried thyme. The proportional guideline suggests that you use equal parts of basil and oregano and half that amount for the thyme. Just remember "half the thyme", and you'll be fine.

The easiest recipe is this: in a big bowl, put in a half cup of basil, another half cup of oregano and then a quarter cup of thyme. Mix it all together with your fingers (make sure you wash 'em first!!). Put the resulting goodness in an appropriate air-tight container.

"Hmmmmmm...", you might say to yourself, searching fruitlessly through the caverns of your pantry. "I don't have that much of that stuff hanging around this place."

Never fear.

Just go down to your local grocery store and get one spice rack-sized container of each. They are roughly a third of a cup a piece. Trust me. As before, pour the basil and oregano into a bowl. Then eyeball about half or maybe a little bit more of the thyme. Proceed to do aforementioned mixing and containment.

Schmooba is good on everything from cheesy egg-white omlettes to grilled open-faced veggie sandwiches, but it is most complimentary to and Italian cuisine, from pasta primavera to spaghetti sauce to spinach lasagna. Experiment.

Why is it called schmooba?

Because when you sprinkle it on, you have to say (or whisper if you're the shy type), "schmooba-schmooba-schmooba" until you're done. I've never not done it so I don't know what happens if you don't.


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