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If it’s something physical, I want to make a piece that catches your attention from far away and forces the viewer to react by making it their momentary goal to find out what it is.

What I seek to achieve from anything I make, is for people to be at ease with it, but I want there to be an “Oh shit!” factor when what they are seeing sort of clicks and they get it, because the best feeling I personally get is from clever art.

What I make has to be aesthetically pleasing, humorous, shocking, disgusting, disturbing, offensive, and I would like to piss someone off. Anger and laughter would happen in harmony, because what is funny for some people is the source of angst in another group. Because I can do that with art, I’m sure there are more powerful emotions I could be trying to evoke, but I do not think that I can make a piece that someone would fall in love with maybe to some extent, but I can make people laugh, and piss them off both easily, and successfully.

I want to do this to as many people as I can, and in whatever medium I have to, because I can pick things up quickly in order to achieve a goal that someone might find mindless, but others including myself would find endlessly entertaining and a piece that was more than worthwhile to create.

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