oh muse, sing to me, there's no words i can not speak

cry out to the sea, there's no ail the sea can't ease

cyan crash on the rocks, echos from the mountaintops

blue whales sing to me, bass timpani from deep beneath

  hear the roar
  hear the war

one eyed Jack of Spain, works off all his heart-break pain

thinks he's gone insane, the waves help if he's listening

Mary's sailed the Red Sea, now fights demons in me

calls them doppelganger, won't let my sight leave hers

  slightly purrs
  slightly hurts

no thing's left to say, i've lost my will on my way

no songs left to cry, up awake all through the night

still the moon will rise, the sun'll set, stars shine overhead

that girl's last'd me winter, and made me all the better

  that woman's learned
  this boy's hers

  that lass, she yearns
  hope she returns

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