Strangers who smile at you, sincerely
summer days that are not hot or cluttered with work
rich food that does not make you regret it later
hearing a song on the radio you used to own, years ago
remembering to deliver a message from one friend to another, a week later
a news story that matters to you, with information you had not heard before
a camera angle in a film you have never seen, or an actor playing against type, in a way that surprises you

It is the rareness of these that makes them special, so though seldom seen, they are seldom forgotten

Sel"dom (-dum), adv. [Usually, Compar. More seldom (mOr"); superl. Most seldom (mOst"); but sometimes also, Seldomer (-ər), Seldomest.] [AS. seldan, seldon, seldum, fr. seld rare; akin to OFries. sielden, D. zelden, G. selten, OHG. seltan, Icel. sjaldan, Dan. sielden, Sw. sällan, Goth. sildaleiks marvelous.]

Rarely; not often; not frequently.

Wisdom and youth are seldom joined in one.


© Webster 1913

Sel"dom (?), a.

Rare; infrequent. [Archaic.] "A suppressed and seldom anger." Jer. Taylor.


© Webster 1913

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