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Intuition is using the world 'within' us to help direct us on our way. It is using our body's feelings and senses to pick up messages, to discover insights into problems, help us make decisions or keep us safe. Sensory intuition uses those things with meaning in the world 'around' us and in our life to help share messages, enhance our directions or sometimes just give weight to those haphazard thoughts we have throughout the day. Sensory intuition is connected to our personal experience. It can be visual but also tactile, olfactory, auditory or taste enhanced.

There is a hoard of great information available to explain the meaning of various objects, which continue to present themselves in your day-to-day life. Much of this information may be of some value but the most important interpretation of any item or object is your own personal experience with it.

If your best friend loves frogs and you continue for a day or two running into frogs. Frogs on T-shirts, frogs in advertisements - someone comments 'do you have a frog in your throat' - someone in the booth next to you discussing frogs legs with someone else, and the list goes on.

You might want to ask yourself 'Why so many frogs?' They are beginning to make themselves almost annoyingly intrusive. You decide you should squeeze in a call to your friend only to find out that she just discovered something and needed you to console him/her. Sensory intuition can give a direct response to something or create a string of associations that can lead to an answer to a nagging question or a call to action. Frogs being your friend’s favorite is an example of a direct response a direct response.

Now, what if you didn't know anybody who loves frogs or frogs have never held any intimate or resounding association in your life yet for a day or two they keep popping up in all areas of your days. What makes a frog a frog? Think about its personal characteristics - Where does it live, what makes it special and unique as well as what it is associated with?

Frogs are linked to both land and water. Are you in need of cleansing (water) or grounding (earth)? Maybe you need a vacation by the ocean or a weekend up at the lake (where water and land meet). Consider the metamorphosis frogs go through from egg to tadpole to adult - are you in the middle of changing too. Have you worked as a legal secretary long enough and are ready to go for your paralegal or law degree? Is there a message saying that it is time to move on, to take the next step in those changes that are coming your way? This is an example of more of a personal association and not always easy to read.

Another type of association might be something where frogs trigger your thoughts about your pool (because they are always getting in there) and you remember that there is an important meeting scheduled soon concerning the city pools that you wanted to attend. You had heard about it two months ago and hadn't thought about it since. You feel the urgent need to call the city offices and discover it is that evening. Would you have missed the meeting without the frogs? There is no way of really knowing but it is something that makes you open your senses a little wider after the first few times you experience the connection.

Sensory intuition is one of the easiest forms of intuition to accept. It uses our solid senses not just our extra one. We see, feel, hear and touch those messages, which in turn trigger our sixth sense or just our abilities to associate to bring the messages through.

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