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Phrase used as a verb meaning to select for a particular purpose and refrain or prevent from use for other purposes, often by putting in a different place; to earmark. Also used an adjective.

e.g. "I've set aside money for my trip to Sioux Falls." "I have a bullet set aside for you."

A much criticised European Union scheme to reduce overproduction from farms. Farmers are paid to take their land out of production.

At one time, a legal loophole allowed farmers to grow crops on set aside land, so long as they didn't harvest anything while it was receiving set aside payments. Some farmers grew broccoli or cauliflower on set aside land, as these are harvested the year after they are sown.

Many farmers nowadays leave the margins of their fields uncultivated, as their set aside land. This protects hedgerows and provides a habitat for beetles and other beneficial insects.

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