A sfnet newsgroup about the Holy Wars. Pointless but entertaining. More or less common guests include folks like Janne Pohjala, Sami Sihvonen and hUpSiK.

If you have a really tricky technical question, you have two options:

  1. Post a rational, throughout and calm article to an appropriate group (sfnet.atk.linux, sfnet.atk.ms-windows?) or
  2. Post a flame to sfnet.atk.sodat, saying what you did, what didn't happen, what happened and how you're considering becoming an user of the competiting product.

If you choose the latter, a lot of computer experts will fix your problem in no time - because if they fail to solve the problem, depending on case, 1) people tell Janne Pohjala "But you said it would work in (this version of Windows)! Will it be fixed in 'Windows Next!'? Really?" or 2) Janne gets to say that Linux doesn't yet do it, but Windows would help...

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