Having the suffix -izzle, which is used to make a verb into a noun and demonstrating the characteristics of that verb, "shizzle" is used in two primary forms.

  1. Shizzle, when used in conjunction with "for" or "fo," means the english word "sure." Example usage: "Yo, ima be at that party fo shizzle!"
  2. Any other usage of shizzle means "shit." Be something "the shit" or just as a general statement of displeasure. Example usage: "I can't stand this shizzle!" or "This shizzle is the shizzle!"

It should be noted that many of these terms are taken from E-40 Fonzarig-gerdale, the independent West Coast rap mogul credited with the invention of such terms as "H-to-the-Izzo," "fo' shizzle my nizzle," "it's all good," and "pimpalafagus."

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