A shotglass is a small drinking glass which can contain approximately one ounce of fluid (assuming the fluid has roughly the same density as water). Shotglasses are conventionally used to imbibe beverages which have a very high alcohol content in convenient, mouthful-sized quantities. These beverages are generally ingested in their pure form, although some mixed drinks are served in shotglasses. A "shot" is the basic unit of any hard alcohol beverage.

Beverages most commonly ingested with shotglasses include vodka, rum, whiskey, schnapps and various flavored liqueors.

from webtender,
A traditional shotglass measures 1.5 ounces (not 1 ounce). In the US, A "pony shot" or a "short shot" is 1 ounce. Some shotglasses are 2 ounces with a measuring line at the 1.5 ounce mark.

People usually use shotglasses to drink hard liquor although if someone is REALLY drunk, sometimes they're just used to trick them into drinking water or fruit juice.

Depending on a person's tolerance, 1 shot could get someone buzzed, 2-3 shots perceivably tipsy, and anything beyond that probably drunk.

For snorting Vodka from an upside-down shotglass, see chilly willy

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