A slang term for a wide range of subtle meanings, such as morally shady, ethically questionable, or sexually intriguing. Actions, situations, and people can all be sketchy, and attempts to write something off as sketchy in conversation will usually make your listener curious, and they will want to question you further.

Sketchy can also be condensed or expanded into other parts of speech:

  • "Did you see Jake at the party? He was trying to mack all over the place. What a sketchmeister."
  • "Ew, did you hear those sounds coming from the bathroom? Sketch!"
  • "I would have stayed longer at the concert, but the sketchiness of the club was too much."
Sketchy easily conjugates:
  • "I was pretty sketchy last night."
  • "He really sketches in that outfit."
  • "They sketched us out with that stuff they were smoking."

Sketchy is frequently used in the same context as other slang terms such as skanky, mack, and hook-up.

Sketch"y (?), a.

Containing only an outline or rough form; being in the manner of a sketch; incomplete.

The execution is sketchy throughout; the head, in particular, is left in the rough.
J. S. Harford.


© Webster 1913.

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