Snappy is also a paralell port video capture device for computers. According to the Snappy website it has the highest resolution available in any video capture device on the market.

Snappy Features
  1. Exclusive HD-1500 technology lets Snappy capture the highest resolution video images ever—1500 x 1125 in 16.8 million colors (24-bits)
  2. Custom digital phase lock loop for flawless color reproduction
  3. Unique 8X oversampling for highest quality
  4. Very easy to install, no tools needed, no jumpers to set, no slots used up
  5. Relocates to another PC in seconds—moves from work to home in your pocket
  6. Advanced DC restore circuit for precisely accurate black levels
  7. On-board memory freezes still in 1/60th of a second for perfect pictures from moving video sources
  8. 35ns double resolution pixels for sharp broadcast quality images
  9. Efficient power management runs Snappy from 9 volt battery
  10. Automatically detects when battery is low
  11. Video out connector for preview

Snap"py (?), a.




© Webster 1913.

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