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It gets better.

Several years ago I had, what I considered to be, the most technologically advance alarm clock ever. It didn't have a snooze bar.

It had a snooze pad.

Being 13 years old at the time, I thought it was amazing. No buttons, no analogue movement, just pure brushed aluminium with the word "Snooze" stenciled on it. All you had to do was smack your hand (or other convenient and electrically impeding apendage) across the top of the clock and BLAM!, 10 minutes more of sleepysleep.

My new alarm doesn't have a snooze bar, either. It had one, but I snoozed once too often, nearly got fired, and decided to make sure I would never use the evul thing again.

What the heck is a snooze bar anyway? I Snooze Bar (aka Drowse Bar, Snooze Switch and "Make-me-late-for-work" button) is a device seen on most if not all electronic alarm clocks.

It is quite simple in that it is a switch that turns off the alarm, but doesn't cancel it -- it merely turns it off for a certain number of minutes, where upon it turns it back on again. It is the electrical equivilent of "Five more minutes, mom". Snooze is, as you may have guessed, a slang name for sleep and such.

It is commonly seen as a "bar" or big button form probably because if you're so tired and disoriented as to need to use the snooze feature, you probably have a hard time aiming your fingers and they make it as easy as possible by making it as big as possible.

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