A type of code red made famous by the film Full Metal Jacket, using a weapon made famous by Homey the Clown. If you find yourself as the guest of honor at a sock party, go limp and try to pass out--if you tense up, it will only hurt more, and leave bruises. Explaining the bruises truthfully will earn you more unpleasantness.

For the uninitiated, a sock party is a nocturnal disciplinary engagement where all members of a given group punish the weakest link with a surprise "party" that wakes him from his sleep to the unpleasant sensation of being completely immobile during a beating. Each team member takes as many swings at the victim as he or she feels are deserved with a tube sock filled with

  • five or six rolled up socks,
  • a bar of soap,
  • a tennis ball,
  • a fistful of rice, or
  • whatever else is at hand and essentially untraceable. Before the beating begins, a blanket is pulled tight over the victim to immobilize him.

The socks don't hurt much but can leave a bruise; the bar of soap can break small bones. Do not undertake one of these lightly--a group of four or five people can put someone in the hospital with internal injuries in a few seconds.

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