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Carefully descending the ancient stone staircase, the guide goes forward quickly, leading the way almost apprehensively. The torch is a poor supplement for the pitch black darkness surrounding you, and for only brief moments do you see bits of bones and skulls as the light gleams over them. Abruptly, your guide stops, and points a worn finger towards the inside of a cell with no human remains to be seen. Curious, you crawl inside, only to find finger nail scratches on the walls. You grip the torch and read the lettering.

Those who attribute idealism with GOD are sorely mistaken,
Idealism is the belief there are only ideas, for ideas are the abstract constructs we, "wrap," around these so called material things in order to have them enter our perceptions.
Truly we create these things; they are only the products of the mind.
We are the only gods here.

Can death be the transcendance that I'm look for, Can I go there and peek? Do the abstractions too disappear or only the wrapping of reality's fruits or lack thereof?

When many think abstract they think of the numbers -- we use them to grasp concepts normally beyond our comprehension. In truth we do this to all material things. To understand that even the most basic things are our abstracts culture is another awareness!

The abstractions are the only way for they are timeless by nature. They are in every way the absolute that transcends context -- for the resulting perception is the same for everything. Only the interpretation is different. That interpretation my friends, is where we lose our minds!

That thing we use to grasp the abstractions must in itself be an abstraction. A paradox of smaller and smaller units of thought for more complex things or perhaps even vice versa? Here we meet the true absolute, the infinite.

Now here lie truth -- or the closest thing to it. There is only one infinite, for two would cause one to limit the other. Thus, there is only one infinite set of abstractions, and one to percieve them. No GOD is here.
Only I the solipsist!

At first, you dismiss the thought that only one exists, let alone that the only true person was in this same cell. You convince yourself that he or she withered and died away like the others. Yet a voice in the back of your mind speaks repeatedly; this is the only cell with no remains.

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