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A professional wrestling maneuver, currently used exclusively by RVD, at least in the WWF.

A commonly occuring situation during a match is when one wrestler attempts a forward kick, and the other wrestler grabs his foot. This leaves the kicker in a very dangerous position. The traditional ways of the 2nd wrestler taking advantage of this position is to just kick him back, or punch him, as the first, kicking wrestler can't defend himself. Another common outcome is the 2nd wrestler to whip the kicking wrestler around by the caught leg, setting up the kicker for an atomic drop, or German suplex.

Rob Van Dam, however, uses the step-over spinning heel kick. This unorthodox move has roots in various martial arts, at least the spinning heel kick part.


  • have your opponent try to kick you, with a normal forward kick
  • Grab his leg. His right leg, usually, since he kicks with it.
  • Give your opponent a chance to adopt a look of fear.
  • While loosely holding the leg, pivot to your right on your right foot, raising your left leg up and over the opponent's right leg. This positions your back to your opponent.
  • Carrying the momentum, lift your right leg over the opponent's leg, hitting the opponent's head with the heel of your right foot.

It was quite a refreshing change from the moves you normally expect from this situation. Of course, since RVD does it all the time, it is becoming a bit stale. But it is one of a number of moves that differentiates RVD from other wrestlers.

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