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A Sumpak, which gets its name from sumpit, is in fact a bigger, more powerful, and deadlier version of a sumpit. While a sumpit only shoots wet wads of paper and only causes a mild sting, a hit from a sumpak will more often than not cause critical injury.

The sumpak is usually made out of a length of chrome pipe or lead pipe, having a diameter of no less than 12 gauge and uses a simplified method of firing a shotgun shell, the most common way of which is using an elastic band to propel a piece of wood which has a protruding nail onto the primer of the shotgun shell, very much like a firing pin on a real shotgun.

This primitive firearm is very common in the depressed areas of the Philippines. Most often used in gang wars or other such brawls. It is illegal to make or to own a sumpak without the proper AFAD and/or PNP-FED license. Also called a zip gun.

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