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Usually seen in real-time messaging environments, "tard-typing" is the act of typing letters in an incorrect order. The causes of this simple typing disability are plentiful, yet can easily be resolved with a little practice.

Tard-typing was labeled as such by the communities that revolve around many massively multiplayer environments (Asheron's Call, Everquest, Ultima Online, Diablo, Quake, etc.), and also in real-time messaging systems (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo).

It can be found that tard-typing is far from a lifelong problem, as it can be found mostly in teenagers who wish to type fast, and yet cannot adequately find the keys that their fingers are blindly punching at. In order to drop this horrid tard-typing habit, one can simply learn to type slower until the problem is eliminated, or quickly proofread what he/she has written before sending it. Both these methods of eliminating this problem, along with many others, require some amount of practice. With time however, all tard-typers should have grown out of their habit.

Needless to say, tard-typing can be very annoying to those who attempt to read messages that have be created by a tard-typer. I for one know many people who constantly type things such as:

“wHen ar ewe goin t oteh mal?”
If tard-typing wouldn’t have kicked in, this line would have read:
“When are we going to the mall?”

With a little practice however, it is easy to read tard-type, and to even help out tard-typers by pointing out their tard-type as they type it. It may annoy your tard-typing friend, but remind him/her that you are doing this for his/her own good.

Many of the more popular word processing applications have integrated features such as Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect, which fixes common tard-typing errors as they are typed. This may be problematic however, as it doesn’t really notify you when you have tard-typed, thus not allowing you to correct your malignant actions before you go on typing elsewhere without the protection of Microsoft Word.

In conclusion, tard-typing is detrimental while you may be trying to develop your internet life (or lack thereof). However, with a little practice and maturity, you can outgrow this habit, much like you can with acne.

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