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Technophobia is the fear or dislike of technology. It can be an irrational fear, like someone who is afraid that computers are sentient or are spying on you, or it can be like someone who does not enjoy using technology or devices because they don't understand it. As a technophiliac, I don't get why everyone isn't caressing a keyboard for most of the day, but since my wife hates technology, I guess I can sort-of empathize.

Twisted_missus used to have a saying about stereo equipment. All she wanted was to push a button and it works, or as she said, "Push play, yay!"

Technophobes can be luddites who refuse to carry a cell phone or use computers in modern society. Oddly enough, older folks are one of the fastest growing users of technology. Younger folks have grown up with everything in place and working great. 

Technophobia can be related to some mental illnesses like paranoia, but not liking technology is itself not a mental illness.

Iron Noder 2017

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