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Artist: Bad Religion
Year: 1997

Bad Religion's Live Album / Greatest Hits. This album was unique among most live albums in that instead of just recording them talking to the audience and some screaming like most live albums, they just set up two eight-track recorders on their instruments, so you'd really hear what they sounded like live, with a minimum of mixing and post-production.

  1. Operation Rescue
  2. Punk Rock Song
  3. Tomorrow
  4. A Walk
  5. God Song
  6. Pity the Dead
  7. One Thousand More Fools
  8. Drunk Sincerity
  9. Generator
  10. Change of Ideas
  11. Portrait of Authority
  12. What it Is
  13. Dream of Unity*
  14. Sanity
  15. American Jesus
  16. Do What You Want
  17. Part III
  18. 10 in 2010
  19. No Direction
  20. Along the Way
  21. Recipe for Hate
  22. Fuck Armageddon
  23. It's Reciprocal*
  24. Struck a Nerve
  25. Leave Mine to Me
  26. Tested*
  27. No Control

* denotes songs not previously released

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