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I'm back!

Long ago, I used to rant here mostly about computers. Now, by some strange coincidence, I have returned, and I seem to be writing about Spanish. All of my writeups older than 10 Feb 2006 (except a personal favorite) have been reparented to the everyone account, because I no longer much identify with them. People change. I have certainly changed a great deal in those ~5 years.

If there is anyone among you to whom one of my writeups was ever offensive, I tell you: I'm sorry.

E2 is an interesting place, sort of as that precursor to Wikipedia that no one's ever heard of.

Some vague memories of E2

  • Once upon a time I wrote an "e2 client" with Gtk+, that tried to parse e2-generated HTML and give it a GUI. Man, how inefficient that was.
  • Late on the evening September 10, 2001, I was reading the node about Osama bin Laden. I woke up the next morning and something awful had happened.