I recently relocated to New Mexico for college...
you should understand that I am from Houston, where it is very hot and very humid...not very pleasant.

New Mexico has the most gorgeous skies. There must be a hundred varieties of clouds out here - and a million colors that the sky has been and will be. On a clear night it's only a ten - fifteen minute drive out to the base of the Organ Mountains where a myriad of stars leap out for admiration. The milky way arcs gracefully across the sky from the south west to the north east - beautiful. Even on cloudy days like today - I had no idea there were so many shades of gray... My first time out to the organ mountains I saw a gorgeous crescent moon go from a cyan blue to a burning orange to a blood red. this, against the silhouette of the Organ Mountains and underneath an incredible milky way. The sunsets are amazing - so many colors - the way the light interacts with the clouds and the way the clouds interact with the mountains astound me. You might see a massive dark cloud covering the western sky - then where the cloud cover breaks western sunlight creates an amazing blue that would make you look a hundred times. in the midst of the darkness of the western horizon a single hole in the clouds creates a pocket of soft yellow light.

Have you ever seen a rainshower in the vast distance? Have you seen the gray sheets of rain? I have seen the gray turn an amazing pink as the sun set below the horizon.

Have you seen the moon come out on a cloudy night? Have you seen the moon observe the earth silently, while it dusts the edges of the clouds in sunlight? Have you seen the moon disappear behind a cloud, and then poke out throught a hole in the cloud? I have seen moon beams leap elegantly from the edges of the clouds and streak through the air all the way to the desert floor.

Have you seen lightning turn our sky a violent green mid-afternoon? Have you seen lightning fill our sky all around you while being lightly sprinkled and dancing to an incredible, melodial beat?

All this after only a two month stay. Too much. I can't hardly comprehend the beauty I've experienced.

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