Much of the general population has the desire to impress. Example:

Today I was waiting at the bus stop. Another fellow approached. This guy strikes up a "conversation". He says to me, "Yeah, I just got paid. I'm going to make sure my money is all here so I don't have to go back.. " He then flips through his wallet and openly counts about $80 or $100. Now, this guy is about 16.. So, to him, $100 is a lot of money.

I don't say anything, but I wonder what prompted him to count his money in front of him. He seems disapointed that I don't say anything. He continues, "Yeah, I'm not going to tell my mom I got paid. I'll tell her I came up here and they didn't have my check, and I won't get paid 'till next week." I still don't say anything. The conversation drops for a minute or less.

So, he says to me.. "What grade are you in?" I tell him, "I'm in 12th." After the obligatory comment about me looking much younger, he says, "I'm a sophomore, but I went out with a senior last year." I say, "Oh, really?"

He says something to the effect of.. "Yeah, it didn't last very long, but we fucked every night."

This is great. I haven't seen this guy for 10 minutes and he already told me about his sex life and flashed $100 to me.

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