"I want a bit more privacy," she said.

"There's nobody else here today."

"We're regulars now, everyone recognizes us."

"True... how about if we take a walk then?"

"I think that would be nice."

It was a perfect day. The sun was warm and gentle. My eyes continually went to hers, something we didn't dare do much of before. We could barely stop ourselves from smiling.

"Tell me something that would make you happier right now," she said.

"I'm pretty happy as it is."

"We can't improve on it even one notch?"

Her eyes were sparkling. There was a smile there ready to burst out in beautiful laughter if her mouth didn't do it first.

"How about this? Is this better?" She took my hands in hers. It was the first time.

"Yes, that's nice." I was feeling the softness of her palm, the pressure of her fingers. I hadn't focused on a single touch so much in a long time. I turned to face her.

We stared at one another in silence for what seemed like an eternity. It would have been uncomfortable if not for the smiles we could barely contain. I looked at her mouth and leaned into her.

She met my lips with hers. Lightly. Briefly. We both pulled back after a slight brush. The world fell away around us.

We unclasped our hands and wrapped our arms around one another. I could feel the entire length of her legs against mine. We pulled into one another with all our might, as much pressure as we could muster, just to feel our bodies against each other.

Our lips met again, this time harsher and for much longer, still staring wide-eyed even though we were too close to focus.

She broke away in laughter. It sounded like a song.

She ran off, half skipping, half dancing. "Let's take my car," she shouted over her shoulder.

I ran after her.

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