upon wakinguP,
startled enough by the sudden absence of unrestrained thought
to at once forget
the fighting of shadows and monsters in the pardoned day,

the world delegated to me,
though only through imperfect visions,
the gift to make my own daylight break ..

{and seek the cessation of foggy streelit pavement and wanderings thereof,
cats prowling farther back of me as if i might steal their eyes to see in this dim light
and the dodging of satellites fallen from grace.}

but there is no Apollo here,
no sun-chasing chariot to save me from nocturne's rhythmichypnoticdruglike pulse;
there's just me, the stars, and everything higher
wishing i wouldn't fret,
asking for faith to be put in the fact that

dawn comes easily--S L O W L Y, when time allows.

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