Theism is opposed to atheism (of course), but neither of those two opinions exclude agnosticism - which is more an intellectual attitude than a true belief.

The most common case in the modern world is agnostic atheism : people who do not believe in God, but who know they have no way to be totally sure that God does not exist.

Of course, this may be slightly less true in countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and the USA.

The"ism (?), n. [From Gr. &?; God; probably akin to &?; to pray for, &?; spoken by God, decreed: cf. F. théisme. Cf. Enthusiasm, Pantheon, Theology.]

The belief or acknowledgment of the existence of a God, as opposed to atheism, pantheism, or polytheism.


© Webster 1913

The"ism (thE"iz'm), n. [NL. & E. thea tea + -ism.] (Med.)

The morbid condition resulting from the excessive use of tea.


© Webster 1913

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