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While reading, Bicycle: Official Rules of Card Games1. I was surprised to find the rules for throwing cards into a hat.

Materials Needed:

According to this book a brimmed hat is required unless none such can be acquired, in which case some other hat, bowl or wastebasket may be substituted.
Also needed are standard 52 card decks of cards: one pack for small groups, two or more for larger groups2.

Game Play:

Multiplayer Mode:
The hat or like object should be placed, top down so that it can hold cards, at one end of a chosen room. Players receive an equal number of cards and from the other end of the chosen room3, in turn toss cards towards, and with skill into, the hat. Each player keeps track of their own score4; which is determined by the number of cards made into the hat. A full point is given when a tossed card lands into the hat completely, and a half point is given when the card lands on brim. Further more, if a player knocks cards from the brim into the hat the tosser receives a full point for each card that falls into the hat on that turn.

Single Player Mode: In the event that a single player is playing alone5, the person keeps track of the number of cards that make it completely into the hat. If 20 or more are made, then the tosser gets the victory. Should the tosser score 30 or more they get the double-victory. Lastly, if the tosser manages to make 40 or more into the hat they earn the prestigious, triple-victory.

1: Bicycle is a registered trademark of The United States Playing Card Company.
2: If you are with a group large enough to warrant more than one deck, you could probably come up with something better to do. If not consider getting new friends.
3: For an even harder and more interesting challenge try tossing the cards from another room.
4: This rule should not be adhered to if you suspect a cheater amongst the players.
5: If this situation should arise, you are worse off than the situation of note 2. Please find something better to do.

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