The curious effect that one encounters upon completing midnight codathons , cramming for finals, and other university all nighters. Characterized by the sudden realization that more time has passed than one has expected. Among the most common phrases uttered by the affilcted persons are, "Tomorrow already?", "I must have worked right through it", and "I can't remember when I slept last."

TTTSD can cause munchies, hallucinations, and jellohead.

Also the title of a Man... or Astroman? tune.

Last night it took a fair amount of time to fall asleep. I think I finally dozed off around 4:30am, with the alarm clock set for 9:20. Class was at noon.

I managed to get up when the alarm went off and stumble over to turn off the screeching noise. Still tired, I fell back into my bed for a few more minutes of rest, and that's where my strange journey through time began.

I never felt myself falling asleep, as I always do. Instead, I blinked
- and it was 9:40. Again, I blinked
- and it was 10:30. A blink
- it's 11:30. I try to get up, and my limbs begin to move, but as I start to leave the comfort of my bed my eyelids descend and blink
- and the clock reads, in red electronic unfriendly LEDs, 11:50. I let loose a silent scream - there was no sense of time between the four blinks, no sense of falling asleep or waking up. I've discovered time travel, and as I run to class, I only wish I could teleport as smoothly.

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