Extremely heated and passionate erotica follows, full of bursting bodices and ripping shirts, so if you can't handle this seriously hot exchange between two fully consenting adults who can't wait to get each other's clothes off, back off baby!

I find you in an intimate apparel boutique, like Victoria's Secret or Wal-Mart. You're at the register. There's a long line of customers in front of you, you're hurried and frantic and so you don't see me coming up from behind. I sneak up, quiet as the jungle cat I resemble and smell like, to stand directly behind you, close enough to breathe in the intoxicating combination of silky soft hair and Cheetos. I nod, smiling, to the customer behind you, inviting him to share in the momentary deception and enjoy your imminent surprise, even to go first if he wants to. He nods back, sending me silent messages in the age-old gentleman's code, for me to take first crack. He follows it up by waving his erect penis at the both of us, signifying his approval of what is surely to come, much like the howler monkey (and his enemy, the hideous shark).

I take advantage of your sudden confusion to gently reach around and stroke your neck, lightly and lovingly, with a #3 Phillips head screwdriver. You jump, startled, and stab me in the groin area with your little Swiss Army knife before relaxing to my sure and confident hands. I tease and mangle your ear, exciting you beyond resistance with the pain. I rest my hands lightly on your shoulders as I snuggle and lick your neck from behind and the customers begin muttering, moving around us and taking side-bets. The blood is flowing freely from my groin area, creating a small puddle at my feet. You have just enough time to lay $100 to place before surrendering to my embrace.

You're breathing heavily now and you run your hands freely over my back, cock, ass, and, accidentally, Hector the bagboy. You expertly dress my wounds and begin running your tongue over me, licking in varying rhythms across my face and ankles. Blood from your mutilated ear drips on my neck and I enjoy the sensuous feel of the hot liquid, co-mingling, rolling down my body. We are becoming as one, at least when seen from the back.

"Oh baby", you murmur in my ear, as I lick what's left of yours; "Let's go out to the parking lot and finish this up; I can't wait to feel your big, hot, thingy in my hand as I pump you into my shoe. You know that's what I really need." We leave the store after you collect your bet amid the cheering throng.

author: unknown with some edits and additions by me. Some one sent me an e-mail. The style is familiar, so maybe some one else can tell me who wrote it, or link it.

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