(an easement is the abandonment of a structure)
~ I write the translations on the back.
                Do you see the canvas ?
        curiousity leads to whining, whining leads to downvoting
            If you strike me down,
                All stretched out
        <TheDeadGuy> Can I not talk about this woman's
                over the tops of the trees
        fine, fine ass without you people trying to
        stick sea monsters into it?
~ I tape them to the bathroom stalls.
            \ You see, I look at my paintings,
                and poked by the corners of buildings and
        % sitting under the trees, there is a quiet air
            \ speculate about them, they baffle me
            \ too. That's all I'm painting for.
                and people ducking under
        % the wind blows the words from the trees
            \Philip Guston
                the sagging places ,
        % in to my lap, and i remember it all,
        % though they are out of order
    Spit flies and he is yelling in my ear.
        % and i, almost asleep
    PAUSE when you see a comma.
~ There are no hidden messages.
    Why do you think we invented the comma?
        - Simulacron3 says: It's good for us
    Do you think we were lazy when it came to parsing lists?
                on their way
        - that you can see past the downvoting.
    Already embarrassed to be reading aloud,
    now I am barely able to listen
                to wherevertheyaregoing
    over the sound of blood in my ears.
    We wanted you to be able to read
    what we wrote, not just look at it.
~ What you see is what you get.
    Read it again.
    And do it right this time.
    You pass if you can give me one perfect reading
                under our painted sky.
    by the end of the semester.
    I tuck my hair behind my ear and begin again.
~ I am the guerrilla haiku artist.
            I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

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