Toxic chemicals, as is obvious from the name, are chemical elements or substances which are evil. They are usually the by-products of industries, pollution and other wonderful human activities. Acid rain may be produced when oxides of sulfur, carbon, and nitrogen from burning fossil fuels combine with water in the air and produce hazardous acids. Industrial solvents, hydraulic fluids, herbicides and radioactive wastes produced from power plants are basically the excreta we produce as the human intestine of the earth.

Toxic chemicals are often dumped in deep mines or undersea, where they can't harm humans, and cause only a slight problem for the other natural inhabitants of this earth. Sometimes they are simply dumped, like a waste recycling company in Cape Town was recently found: the company had been liquidated for several months, barrels of toxic waste simply stood around idly in the sun of day, not a half kilometre from a residential area.

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