Just do your job,
ignore the stink.
You are training not to think.

Just do your work,
complete your goal.
And when its done we'll have your soul.

We will work you day and night.
You will not know your left from right.
You must move faster than you think.
You'll do your job on pure instinct.

Round and round the pieces go.
The machinery moves quickly.
Be careful where your fingers go,
we will not pay for sick leave.

You will hate this factory
and it will not sate your hunger.
We will be careful not to kill you
but it will not make you any stronger.

So move, you mindless fleshy machine.
You're not being paid to think.
"Another day another dollar.
Let's go out and drink."

Go stumble home.
Don't beat your wife.
And dream your one word dream,

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