This game is very simple. The goal is to simultaniously propel the transformer (of the electrical type) while it also goes into a million pieces.

To play this game, you need:

The procedure for playing is as follows:

  1. The transformer is put on the ground at the end of the hallway opposite the pissy grad students.
  2. One (and only one!) player swings the beating utensils at the transformer, thus sending it flying. Going along the floor or getting air is equally desirable. It is undesirable for the beating utensil to do either. Both have hazards (see below).
  3. A few things can happen at this point. If:
    • The transformer hits the door that the pissy grad students live behind, run! Those guys do laser research! A while later, come back and resume play-- this time going the other way down the hall.
    • The transformer goes into a million pieces, sweep the fragments under a professor's door. YOU WIN!
    • Someone opens a door and walks into the path of a flying transformer, you lose.

    If none of these things happen, repeat step 2.


  • Things on the ground (graded papers next to doors, etc).
  • Things in the air (lights, ceilings, door frames, etc).
  • Things that walk and talk (campus police, etc).

Now go forth and golf!

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