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The Ulu is a convex bladed "rocker" knife which originated amongst the Inuit native to the North American Arctic. Four thousand years ago the blades were made from slate, however today stainless steel has been adopted as the material of choice (for obvious reasons). The Ulu is touted as being a versatile blade whose grip is helpful for those with arthritic hands. Every store in Alaska sells these things, regardless of the standard merchandise selection, and I frankly wouldn't be surprised to encounter Ulu vending machines should I be able to vacation there again.

A physicist I met on the train ride to Mount Denali confided in me that the uncounted masses of existing Ulus contain the missing "dark matter" that astronomers have been searching for, and that the universe is indeed headed for a "big crunch". His "Ulu Conjecture" is currently awaiting publication in the highly respected AIR journal at this time.

Jokes aside, the Ulu is indeed a versatile blade, but less so than the traditional chef's knife. Most people I know who have one just use it to cut pizza.

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