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An upgrade weenie simply has to have the most current version of every piece of software (s)he uses. Typical examples of this personality will berate you for being two releases behind on Winamp, or only using Java 1.1.8 when
"Java 1.3.0 has been out for ages you know".

The latter example is particularly irritating. I can never make upgrade weenies realise that sometimes I don't need a new version of a product. They, in turn, cannot imagine wanting to use Windows 98 or even (shock horror) Windows 95 when XP has been around for two whole days.

Upgrade weenies make good alpha and beta testers. Microsoft did very well out them while testing Windows 2000 (then called NT 5 of course). Free testers! People want to be the first to use a bug-ridden piece of beta-crap. Remarkable.

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