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Is a pejoritive term for generally suburban crime which is acted out of spite for the perpitrator's parents. Not having to worry about satisfying their basic needs, perpitrator's of vanilla crime instead invent the need to be social deviants. Their un-original antics include (but are not limit to):

  • "Eggings"
  • Mail Box Baseball
  • The unwarrented use of small explosives, such as cherry-bombs
  • Petty theft of high-sugar and/or caffinated items.
  • "Whackn'"
  • Loitering after dark outside ("hangin' out") for a long time.
  • Any combination of the above with an optional preposition and, "the shed:" They were egging houses and whackn' near the shed.

Fighting vanilla crime by use of the law only instiagates more vanilla crime. Only through strict regulations on skate-board sales, caffinated beverages, and silly string will we be able to fight this scourge of suburbia!

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