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The best computer mod I’ve ever done was to cover the back of the screen of my laptop with velcro. The Velcro corporation has made some wonderful new advancements in hook technology. Namely the modification of the ‘hook’ side to ordered rows of small curved plastic hooks.

Consequently, instead of a surface covered in velcro being covered in rough stubbly feeling stuff, the surface has a uniform feel similar to skateboard grip tape. The velcro I use is called industrial strength and can be obtained in the fabric section of the local Wal-mart. Check the texture of the stuff out there. You'll see what I mean when you find it.

It comes in 5 foot long 2 inch wide strips, 4 strips of about a foot cover the back of a laptop screen quite well.


  1. clean the back of the laptop screen (easiest if it's closed) with rubbing alcohol and a clean rag
  2. Carefully apply velcro strips of even length, matching the edges to make one large surface.
  3. Allow the adhesive to set for 24 hours.

Handy things to stick to your Laptop:

Best of all, it's easily reconfigured, so you can have a laptop rigged for work, wardriving, a web cam, or combinations of all of the above.

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