Is there anything better than a warm rock on a cool fall day? The kind of big, flat rock that has been in the sun all day long. Even though the air temperature might be chilly, you can lay back on this rock and feel it warm your bones as you watch the clouds drift by. It is a great place to daydream.

This is absolutely my favorite way to spend a fall afternoon. I first read someone describe this magnificent experience in one of the DragonLance books (I don't remember which, or the author. I may have to re-read a few to track it down.) Recently, I found myself at the Rocky Mountain National Park, and spent a few minutes relaxing on a fantastic warm rock looking out over the Rockies.

If you don't have any warm rocks handy, a car hood, picnic table, or a park bench might do. Anything that soaks up the warmth of the sun and holds onto it just for you...

Similar to the warm rock are: comfy sweater, hot cocoa, blazing campfire, etc.

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