In timeless valleys, full of stars
In wildness, verdant, blooming, full
Not looking for a source of power
The lifeblood flows, we feel the pull.

No church, no pew, no bible learned
That voice of god, our family spurned
But I struggled, all science, sense
Failed to describe my experience.

No praise, no hymns, no macho god
Why would it call for shouts out loud
The voice of god is hard to know
In silence does that river flow.

I never listened for this call
All sages sneered, and shrugged, apart
That tapping on my shoulder,
Got my attention – trust this heart…

You listen for his voice; true?
Perhaps the pitch, or timbre’s wrong
You listen for a single voice;
I listen for a symphony’s song.

Longings make not gods for us
I never asked, I never looked
My experience denied that void
And filled me full of love. I’m hooked.

Those paths so different, now converge
That pulse, that heartbeat, pounding surge
Like waves upon familiar shore
We are all we have, and more.

In timeless valleys, full of stars
The countless stars, the sense of bliss
We do not have a name to give,
If “god” please you, then name it this.

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