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My sister and I.
(Please don't get all technical now, and tell me that we do not share the same genes, but the same gene pool. I know.)

We are not at all alike.
  • She has thick curly hair, mine is straight and thin.
  • Hers is black, mine is blond.
  • She burns, I tan.
  • She's 5"10, I'm 5"4. Barely.
  • She is very principled. She demands a lot from people. I couldn't care less, as long as you don't get in my way.
  • I listen to New Age, Classical, Rock. She never borrows my CD's.
  • But she takes my books whenever she wants. I notice if she puts them back in the wrong order. She didn't know there was an order.
  • Her wardrobe is full of colors. Mine consists of three: black, grey, and white in the summer.
  • She wears prissy pleated skirts to dress up. I wear my cleaner jeans.
  • She is a 'social butterfly'. I cringe at the mention of an upcoming social event.
  • She is a preschool teacher. I am a programmer, and I won't get locked up for threatening my computer with a fist.
But you know what? She's my sister. And I'm hers.
Sometimes I want to strangle her, and sometimes she wants to strangle me.
She laughs when I mispronounce a word. I laugh when she uses it in the wrong context. And we don't mind.
She knows when to ignore my hissy fits. And when to take them seriously.
She will stick up for me when Alice makes some snide remark, and I will have a 'bash Julie' session with her to make her feel better.
She taught me how to deal with unwanted advances from undesirable males. And I taught how to invite them from the interesting ones.
She will come to my poetry recital. I will go to her Teacher Awards Ceremony.
I have endurance contests with her, because she likes to win. And she plays boggle and Trivial Pursuit with me, because I like to win too.
I love her. And she loves me.
This reminds me of a story my dad told me about an ex-girlfriend of his in Sydney

She was a primary school teacher, and one day in class she was talking about parents, inheritance and general pre-Birds and the Bees type stuff. Apparently she said to her class;

Her: Hands up everybody who looks like their mum!
..Some kids raise their hands
Her: Ok, hands up everybody who looks like their dad!
..more hand-raising
Her: Right, hands up everyone who looks like their Postman..

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