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I'm introverted. I am shy. I don't like engaging with people in conversation. It feel uncomfortable. I over think the tiniest details of social interaction and worry about them. No, face to face contact is not for me. I much prefer online contact. I find I can open up and talk naturally--even though it's not natural at all. I can give the impression that I'm naturally a charismatic, clear, confident conversationalist. And if I do over think everything still, I can disguise it, pretend I'm AFK or BRB.

Anyway, here's why it's *sometimes* super awesome:

• you don't need to waste money on people and keep all that for yourself (or people you really care about - family etc). I worked a small retail job over christmas and the amount of crap people bought their partners was staggering. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they did, it paid my wages and it probably made them happy? I guess I'm just not materialistic in the slightest, even when it comes to buying things for people I love. I will buy people things but can never shake the futility of the effort. it puzzles me because I don't want. that sounds so incredibly selfish. I didn't mean it to sound like that but hey maybe I am. No I'm not. At least I don't think so. For example, when I began college 4 years ago, I got chatting to a girl. There was no physical attraction there from either side. We were just friends, if that. Anyway, her birthday rolled around. It was during semester so as usual I panicked and put £20 in a card. I'd only known her a month or so since the start of term and we yet to do anything recreational together. That was a lot money to me but I didn't want to seem like an old Scrooge. I got the impression I'd given her too much by her surprise. We drifted apart not long after and of course the gesture was never reciprocated (although I realise you're not supposed to do it for that).

• Also, I find I can be so incredibly lazy. With no friends, or partner, some days I don't get dressed until noon. Some time I go whole days without wearing a pare of socks. Feels excellent. Somedays I just wander around naked - such is the luxury of rarely having to leave your house. More than this, though, I can actually get things done when I'm alone. I work terribly with people. It's not the laziness but the anxiety of knowing that they are always judging me. A group meeting will be called and I'll contribute nothing, but leave me alone at a computer and I'll produce a 10 page report detailing everything I feel about whatever.

• I feel free when I'm alone. I can do whatever I want. For the most part. I still feel strange doing things that are mostly communal traditions (cinema, dining out etc) but it's not because being alone upsets me. It's because I know other people upset at being alone and tend to presume I must feel the same way. There's nothing more I like better than travelling somewhere with a group and casually ditching them so I can go off and do my own thing. I eat where I want to eat. I visit the places I want to see. Do the things I want to do. It's liberating and I don't have to put up with some of the idiotic things normal young people entertain themselves with (drugs, alcohol etc). I get to pause for photos where and whenever I choose and when people ask why there's never anyone in them? Well I just don't show them. It would confuse people too much. They are all too used to the idea of human beings as social beings.

• The next thing is you don't need to spend ages looking after yourself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a mess. But I'm a guy. This is mainly referring to ladies. You don't need to spend ages pruning yourself, shaving legs and painting your face. But for me, it's the opposite. When I'm alone I actually look better, healthier. When you're alone you don't have to compete with others--family members or room mates-- for bathroom privileges.

• You don't get into quite as many arguments. This could seen either way. Arguments can be good. But I prefer to do most of my arguing online with anonymous individuals with whom I don't need to hold back. Also, you avoid frivolous arguments and can focus on much more interesting debate with the self. You get to a much better appreciation of who you are what you think when you have to conduct that internal monologue.

And yes, this node was inspired by Zach Braff's character in the sitcom Scrubs

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